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How can I convert my macros to calories?

The focus for THE BOD is solely on macronutrients. If you are wanting to calculate the calorie intake of your tracked macronutrients for your own information, you can use the below formula:. (Carbohydrates grams x 4) + (Protein grams x 4) + (Fats gra

Following a Meal Plan vs Flexible Dieting

All THE BOD programs offer the option to follow a custom designed meal plan or take the macro approach and flexible diet. You have the choice to have your nutrition set for you and follow a meal plan that gives you consistency and structure or you ca

When flexible dieting, do I weigh my food raw or cooked?

We recommend weighing your ingredients raw. We understand that you may prefer to weigh your meals cooked rather than raw for ease of use or convenience. Here at THE BOD, our goal is to help you achieve results in a maintainable way. Whatever your cho

What are macros and how do I track them?

Macros, or macronutrients, consist of protein, carbohydrate and fat. These are the essential macronutrients required to control your body composition, body fat and ultimately your results. Your macros are calculated based on your measurements, but al

Can I still take part in other fitness activities while following THE BOD?

Yes. For workouts such as weight-based circuit classes, CrossFit classes, boxing and marathon or triathlon training, this can be replaced with a weight training day. For lower intensity activities such as swimming, hiking or cycling, this can be repl

What should I do if I miss a day of training?

We suggest you complete the missed training day on your next rest day and continue the program as normal, or alternatively skip it and continue your program as prescribed. If you have missed more than one training day due to sickness or injury then w

How many days a week am I required to train?

THE BOD Training Programs are entirely custom to you, you choose your own goals, how many days a week and whether you want a 30 or 60 minute session, what equipment you have and more.

What equipment do I need to follow the programs?

THE BOD Training Programs contain both home and gym workout options. Our gym program has been designed using pieces of equipment that you will find in most standard gyms. If you are following your program from home you will require some dumbbells, me

Can I follow THE BOD while pregnant or postpartum?

We recommend gaining clearance from your physician or doctor when considering following THE BOD while pregnant or postpartum. If you are pregnant or postpartum, we recommend using THE BOD Prenatal & Postnatal training programs. Always remember that e

Can you freeze or prepare meals in advance from the nutrition plan?

Yes, the majority of THE BOD meals can be frozen, reheated and/or defrosted. We outline serving sizes to allow for bulk preparation and catering to a family. You can also select budget options, as it is entirely custom if you do not like something we

I’m struggling to eat all of the food in THE BOD meal plan, what should I do?

If you’re struggling with the meal plan, we suggest for you use THE BOD Macro Calculator to calculate a more accurate suggestion of calories to consume daily. Once the calculator has determined specific macros for you and your goals, you can adjust t

What if I have special dietary requirements?

We do not recommend making adjustments to the set meal plan if you choose to follow it. Our set meal plan has not been designed with any personal requirements such as allergies, hormonal issues or preferences in mind. However for intolerances, gluten

How many meals per day are in THE BOD set meal plans?

You get to decide! Want 3 main meals? Or prefer 5 smaller meals? No problem, this is all apart of the onboarding questions. Any meals on any given day can be swapped around to suit your needs. For example, instead of eating an apple for your morning

What if I am a vegetarian/vegan, how can I use THE BOD?

As it is entirely custom, THE BOD caters to vegan and vegetarian dietary preferences. There are 40+ vegan recipes, all unique that are included also- so the variety is incredible!

Can I Do The Plan From Home?

Sure can, as it’s entirely custom- you tell me what equipment you have and we can adapt the plan so you can do it at home if you want! Have injuries? No problem! Don’t like a certain exercise? No stress at all.

What's Included in Project You?

Entirely Custom Meal Plan & Training Plan. SEVEN (not just ONE) Individually Calculated, Macro Days/Options (yes, each & every fortnight). Personalised Recipes To Match. Custom Exercise Program (Home or Gym). NOW INCLUDES Flourish & Fulfilled Guided

Can I Eat Out?

DINE OUT/TAKE AWAY OPTIONS. Life's for living, so I give you options that fit your life- and your goals! (including your fav take out meals) So if you want to still eat your favourite take out options, like grilled, KFC or even subway whilst achievin