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What is THE BOD Macro Calculator?

THE BOD Macro Calculator is a free tool to determine your daily macronutrient and calorie intake needed to hit your goals. We use formulas that have been tried and tested for years with our clients and athletes ensuring that your macros are ideal for

How can I get access to THE BOD Macro Calculator?

THE BOD Macro Calculator is free and can be accessed here

What is THE BOD Fuel?

THE BOD Fuel is a recipe book designed to fuel your workouts and is the perfect companion to your BOD program. THE BOD Fuel is full of mouthwatering dishes that can be prepped and frozen, sample meal plans, information on flexible dieting and nutriti

Can I replace recipes in my program's set meal plan with recipes from THE BOD Fuel Recipe Book?

Yes, it’s easy to swap recipes in your current meal plan with those in THE BOD Fuel. Simply scan the barcode at the bottom of the page of your selected Fuel recipe into your macro tracking app and then adjust the rest of your food for the day if need