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What's Included in Project You?Updated 19 days ago

Custom Meal Plan, Exclusively Made To Order

SEVEN (not just ONE!)Individually Scientifically Macro Calculated Days/Options (each fortnight!)

Personalised Recipes

Custom Exercise Program (Home or Gym)

Complete NLP Toolkit with NEW tailored NLP Mindset Workshops

On Demand NLP Masterclasses

NOW INCLUDES Flourish & Fulfilled Breathwork, Meditations & Healing Sounds

Unlimited Meal Swaps 

Flexible Dieting Log (Education for lifelong results)

Dine-Out Options to swap for your Favourite Takeaway & still smash your goals!

Fortnightly Check-Ins with Qualified NLP Coaches, Trainers and Dieticians

Unlimited Extraordinary Support- More Supportive Than Your Bra

Additional Access to Hundreds of Exclusive Bespoke Sophie Guidolin Recipes

Self Love Coaching Sessions

Workout Log to hit your custom goals

Shareable Shopping List with family multiplier option

Track Your Progress, so we can celebrate your wins, together!

Build Lifelong Connections with a community of like minded women who truly get you.

Live Calls & More!

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