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What is THE BOD Autumn 6 Week Challenge & When Does it Start?

THE BOD Autumn 6 Week Challenge kicks off on Monday 18th April, 2022 and runs for (6) weeks through to Monday 23rd May 2022. THE BOD was created by Sophie Guidolin, a mum of four and IFBB pro bikini-model. This program is designed to help you transfo

How do I enter?

Simply download THE BOD app from your app store, sign up (or in!) and on your dashboard there will be a button that says "Join Autumn Challenge". Click here set your goals and you're set to go!

Do I need to have any gym equipment to participate in the challenge?

Yes, but minimal. As you will be following THE BOD Nutrition and Training program, you will require equipment, but it is minimal. There are also Home workouts to follow if you would prefer. Otherwise, there are complete Gym workouts if you prefer to

Is there a Facebook support group I can join for any questions I may have during the challenge?

Yes! You can join our exclusive Facebook support group HERE.  where you will be supported and cheered on by the ENTIRE community including our resident coaches & nutritionists

What to expect with the challenge training program

You can select between Gym or Home workouts and the challenge will provide you with a 6 week, 5-6 days training program to follow along with. If you have questions or concerns you can reach out to our team at [email protected] and our support tea

What to expect with the challenge set meal plan

The challenge will provide you with 6 weeks worth of meal plans so you can plan ahead and set yourself up for success. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian, please ensure your dietary preferences are set in your settings (accounts details --> profile --> p

What does THE BOD 6 Week Autumn Challenge Include?

THE BOD 6 Week Autumn Challenge

What happens when the challenge is over?

Once the challenge ends on Monday 23rd May 2022, you can continue on your health and fitness journey with the support of THE BOD.  We recommend making any changes to your app subscription ahead of time if you do not wish to continue your journey.

What challenge prizes are up for grabs & how do I win

We are very excited to be able to bring some epic prizes to this Autumn Challenge Round. Enter the challenge for your chance to win up to $2000 worth of prizes including