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Can I view my online shop purchases in the app?

THE BOD app is a separate platform to THE BOD online shop. The two user accounts are not connected, even if they are using the same email address. If you have previously purchased a program from THE BOD online shop, you will not be able to restore th

Is THE BOD app available on iOS and Android?

Yes, THE BOD app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Is THE BOD app available in multiple languages?

THE BOD app is currently available in English only.

How do I change my program/level?

To change your program you can navigate to your account details to do so. Follow the steps below;. 1. Click Menu. 2. Click on Account Details. 3. Click on Program. 4. Select a Program and Click Save. You will see you also have the option to reset you

How do I update THE BOD app?

Your iOS or Android device may automatically update any app that requires a new release when you are connected to Wi-Fi. However, if you don't have this feature turned on, then you will need to manually update your app via the App Store or Google Pla

How do I use the Grocery list feature?

How to add ingredients to your Grocery List:. Select a recipe from the Recipe Glossary or your current day in your Meal Plan. Tick the single or multiple ingredients you'd like to add to your Grocery list from that recipe. (You'll know an ingredient

How do I change my training and nutrition preferences?

How to change your training and nutrition preferences:. Tap on ACCOUNT DETAILS in the navigation menu. Select USER PREFERENCES. Change your desired preferences (for example, units of measurement, your program, nutrition options, or dietary preference

How do I update my Profile dashboard?

Your Profile Dashboard syncs to the Health App on your iPhone which gathers health data from your iPhone each day. If at any time you need to update or change any of this information you can do so through the Health App. Once this information is upda

Can I listen to music while using THE BOD App?

You can listen to your own music via external music apps or iTunes whilst THE BOD app is running - this won’t interfere with the functionality of your app experience. However, the music will mute by default when an exercise video is played.

Can I use THE BOD app without cellular data or WiFi?

No, THE BOD app requires connection to either WiFi or cellular data.

What’s included in my subscription to THE BOD app?

What’s included in my subscription to THE BOD app?. Everything you need to smash your health & fitness goals, all in one place. Get access to tailored workouts, wholesome recipes, community support, and expert advice from elite personal trainer Sophi